A little about Bosco and Roxy's

Nearly 20 years ago Jaymie and Michelle, a husband and wife team, followed their passion and created a loving place where their furry kids (Bosco and Roxy) could experience the ulti-mutt positive boarding experience. Their furry guests were offered daycare, overnight, weekends and holiday boarding. Their canine guests could play with their friends, go on trail walks, have slumber parties, swim and be treated to delicious home baked treats and frozen yogurt. These homemade recipes were created, tested and have been perfected over the years. Their cookies and yogurts were loved by their canine companions, and before they knew it became, a local hit among fellow dog lovers. They began to receive special request orders and soon would be sending these delicious treats home by the doggy bag!

Fast forward to today…

Bosco and Roxy’s designs, bakes and creates original, fun and unique hand decorated artisanal cookies. These treats come in various sizes, shapes, designs, sayings, flavours, seasons, and have been individually created for that one special spoiled pup. Bosco and Roxy’s gourmet dog treats are baked fresh daily using only the best human grade ingredients from local and North American suppliers in their 30,000 sq. ft. modern facility. We pride ourselves on quality and strict food safety standard practices when it comes to our cookies and frozen yogrrrz. Each product is produced and packaged in accordance with manufacturing regulations and then shipped locally and international to over thousands of retail stores!

Michelle and Jaymie from Bosco and Roxy’s believe dogs are family, and the only suitable thing for dogs who are truly loved and spoiled, are their scrumptious gourmet treats that you’ll want to take a bite of yourself, we know, we did!