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Bosco and Roxy's cookies speak for themselves. However, their original and creative designs, fun and entertaining sayings can sell cookies but more importantly, having an appealing visual merchandising display encourages the shopper to purchase more product. From display cases, fancy plates to unique setups, these examples can help to setup a display that will appeal to all your customers. 

[ Here are a few creative displays from some our retailers ]

Photos Courtesy of The Puddle Aquafitness

Photos Courtesy of Mountain Life Pet Supply

Photos Courtesy of Tail Waggin Pet Stop

Photos Courtesy of The Puddle Aquafitness

Photos Courtesy of Global Pet Livingstone

Photos Courtesy of Wolf Gang Bakery & Grooming

Photos Courtesy of Bone and Buscuit

Did you know... End displays, window signs, and impulse items at the counter can be your silent salesperson for driving sales.

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