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It's easy. Our perks are just as drool-worthy as our cookies.


Paws up for new and exciting things! Each member will have exclusive access to new collections and the ability to vote on updated (and favourite) cookie designs!


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Q: How do I become a Bosco and Roxy's Retailer?

A: There are only a few requirements. You will be asked to supply your name, store name, address of your store location and contact details. You can set up your account by calling Bosco and Roxy's directly at 1-888-423-0038 or you can apply HERE online.

Q: What ingredients are used in your cookies?
A: See our full list of human grade ingredients HERE.

Q: Will my dog like these cookies?
A: We strongly believe most dogs will not just like but LOVE these cookies. Each one of our dog treats is freshly baked, hand-decorated and made with wholesome and locally sourced human grade ingredients. 

Q: Are these treats safe for my pup?
A: Absolutely! Our pets are our family. This means we extend our healthy lifestyle and beliefs to include them. We believe that treating your dog doesn’t have to include a long list of unmentionable and unrecognizable ingredients - if we can’t eat it, why should they. All gourmet treats and boxes are produced and packaged in accordance with recognized manufacturing practices and all federal, state and local regulations.

Q: For small dog parents- Will they be able to chew one the larger cookies?
A: Although some of the treats are as large as 8 inches, your dog will have no trouble chewing on any of them, no matter its size. Sometimes it helps to break some of the larger cookies into smaller pieces for tiny but mighty mouths.

Q: If I open the package, will the cookies go dry quickly?
A: Each cookie is individually wrapped in recyclable plastic bags to preserve  freshness. So whether you are celebrating for a day or a month, your cookies will stay as fresh as the day they were made.

Q: What is your shipping timeline?
A: Orders currently ship in 5-7 business days, additional transit time may apply.